Giving Back

If you have chosen to financially support local charities, why not support them by increasing their ability to have their own Best Year Yet?

Partner with The Kiely Company, LLC, and sponsor a school, youth program, or non-profit group in your area and have them learn how to have their Best Year Yet. You win by giving back to the community and providing training that can make a real difference — and you get the added benefit of generating good will and receiving some great PR in your local area.

The school or non-profit group wins because they get access to solid information that can make a difference for them at no or low cost and The Kiely Company, LLC, wins because they get the opportunity to share their message with a group that may not have the opportunity or the budget.

Here are just a few of the possible options your company can choose to sponsor:

  • Sponsor a leadership or goal setting workshop for local high school students.
  • Sponsor a personal goal setting and goal accomplishment workshop for the families in homeless shelters in your area.
  • Sponsor a team goal setting and goal accomplishment workshop for the fund raising committee of your favorite charity.