Case Histories

Designed and implemented the first leadership and management curriculum for over 500 senior and middle managers of a large European transportation company. The project facilitated change initiatives to improve employee morale and effectiveness and to integrate two diverse corporate cultures following a merger.

Designed and delivered communication training to over 3,000 employees of a major investment banking firm to improve teamwork and productivity.

Prepared senior managers from 30 countries of a major financial institution to conduct client interviews and present their findings on best practices and innovations.

Observed, trained, and coached technology professionals of a help desk operation to improve service to their internal customers.

Trained over 200 managers throughout the Northeast Region of a major health care company to interview and select candidates during a period of significant growth.

Trained subject matter experts within corporate universities to deliver product and technical training in house.

Trained over 10 groups of technology, operations and finance new hires in their company’s culture, protocol, and expectations for professionalism in the workplace.

Provided 1,000 managers and customer service employees of a major transportation company with the business planning and communication skills required to successfully open new customer service call centers.

Consulted with, trained, and coached the sales force of a large legal information services company to develop and deliver sales presentations that advanced sales cycles and expanded relationships with clients.

Trained and coached over 500 managers in leadership development in a software development company during an extremely active period of growth through acquisition .