Nessa M. Kiely, Partner

Performance Consultant and Professional Coach
Franchise Owner Best Year Yet

The Kiely Company, LLC
+1 585 739 9101 : mobile

Nessa works with US and international organizations — private, public and non-profits — helping her clients produce results through sales, leadership, customer loyalty and teamwork. Guiding those who are in pursuit of extraordinary results - whether it’s teams or individuals or high level seasoned leaders - is Nessa’s particular strength.

For over thirteen years on four continents Nessa fulfilled assignments for a major international training company. She is master certified in multiple sales, leadership and customer service training programs. She uses that breath of skill-building knowledge as well as her sales and management background to coach and train high potential leaders.

Nessa is a licensee and program leader for a unique goal setting and strategy implementation system called Best Year Yet! ®. Best Year Yet! is an internationally recognized methodology focused on a structured month by month approach to achieving goals while also tackling the often quietly debilitating beliefs and behaviors that can work against the development of a winner’s mindset. She especially uses all of these tools when coaching high potential executives and leaders.

Nessa earned a Bachelor of Education from University College Cork, Ireland. Nessa attended New York University and Roberts Wesleyan College in Rochester, New York and earned her Masters of Science - Organizational Management. She is a certified Professional Coach.

  • The Kiely Company, LLC— founder and partner of a communications training and consulting company in the areas of leadership development, sales, customer service and executive coaching.
  • AchieveGlobal— for over thirteen years worked as a master trainer running workshops and seminars on leadership and sales for many Fortune 500 and 100 clients
  • Consulted with Goldman Sachs, Prudential, Merrill Lynch and many other Fortune 500 and 100 companies working with newly hired, just-graduated MBA’s - professionalism, leadership skills, critical thinking and decision-making, conflict management, presentation skills
  • Choueifat Schools UAE— taught Baccalaureate level psychology and anthropology and physical education
  • Wounded Warriors— currently working on a pro bono project helping young wounded warriors learn the tools and skills to transition from the military to the corporate world
PHOTO: Nessa M. Kiely